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Cleanse vs. Detox: A Matter of Perspective

Your body detoxifies itself. This process is actually called ‘biotransformation’. When you ingest, inhale, or otherwise absorb substances harmful to your body (toxins), your liver, skin, lungs, digestive system, and kidneys flush many of them out constantly.

Toxins are potentially harmful substances you encounter every day: pesticides, pollutants, and additives in processed foods, to name a few.

A cleanse and detox are NOT the same thing.

Detox can mean many things, including recovering from exposure to drugs and alcohol and altering your physiology to directly eliminate a toxic substance from your body. It can me using specific agents such as medication or dialysis. A quick Google search lists 165,000,000 results.

In alternative medicine circles, detox protocols tend to focus on herbs and supplements to help support the tissues and eliminate toxins from the body and can include a VERY RESTRICTIVE way of eating and often involves some form of fasting.

A cleanse instead shifts the focus to eliminating ‘junk’ from the diet and replacing it with nutrient-rich foods that help your body naturally detoxify.

A cleanse may be appropriate for those who have ever tried to break a plateau, beat the bloat, or get back on track after a little too much holiday cheer.

Eating healthy foods, however, can help support and nourish those areas of your body that do detoxify and protect the body from toxins.

As with many things in life, sometimes a moderate approach that takes into account both perspectives is the best option.

The New England Wellness Group Approach – Hybrid Detox:

  • Implements the healing power of foods and supplements through a hybrid between a cleanse and detox.
  • Partners with a world class nutraceutical company, Xymogen, to deliver their Detox Renewal Kit alongside one-on-one nutritional support to guide you through making healthier food choices.
  • The immediate goal is to break the cycle of poor lifestyle choices and start establishing the right ones.
  • Is short to avoid burn out

Reach out to us for more information, or to schedule a nutritional coaching session today!

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