Choose Yourself…

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Those of us at The New England Wellness Group are constantly challenging ourselves to learn and better ourselves to be our best versions for you, our patients.  With that said, we are always reading.  I am in the middle of a book I came across while listening to the Rich Roll podcast (which I absolutely love and highly recommend…click on his name to be taken to his website).  I am almost done with the book but wanted to share some gems:

    1. Only do things you enjoy
    2. 99% of meetings don’t result in much…avoid meetings as much as possible
    3. 99% of the news is a lie
    4. Learn to say ‘no’ when your first instinct tells you to do so
    5. Don’t eat junk.  Junk in = junk out
    6. Don’t eat so much…we eat more than we need to
    7. Sleep more!! Go to bed early and get up early.
    8. Poop regularly…if you are not…you should be (#squatty potty)
    9. Avoid people that bring you down emotionally and surround yourself by people you want to be like/admire
    10. Don’t talk so much…pretend you only get 1000 words a day
    11. Success does not equal being busy…quit putting value on how busy you perceive yourself to be
    12. Try to come up with 10 original ideas of anything a day…being creative is a muscle you need to exercise…the more you do this, the more creative you will become
    13. Worrying about money never goes away…rich people worry about money too!
    14. Delay too much thinking when you are in a bad mood.  Simply recognize you are in a bad mood and avoid making too many decisions during this time.

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