Our Favorite Things

Below is a collection of things we have come to love…and hope you do to:

1.  Aftershokz BONE CONDUCTION headphones.  Dr. Moore loves these for his long runs because he can listen to news, Podcasts, music while still hearing his surroundings.  May also be great for someone with hearing loss.  Click on the picture below to check out and get yours today!

2.  Mighty Audio – Great way to EASILY move your music and audio files to a small object that does not require cell service or Wi-Fi.  Great for camping, long runs, hikes, etc.  Connects wireless via Bluetooth.  Great to pair with Aftershokz head phones.

3.  Vitamix Blender – A MUST have in making your morning smoothies.  Great way to blend your food with your medical food prescribed by your healthcare provider here at The New England Wellness Group!

4.  We Love DAVID GOGGINS – A great book about pushing your limits and realizing that right NOW you can create massive personal change.  Take it from a man whom came from poverty to lifestyle guru everyone is talking about.

5.  Dr. Anna’s FAVORITE calendar year after year.  Beautiful pictures to decorate your home or office.

6.  Busy life, kids, work…Don’t let these things distract you from your best self.  As Dr. Moore tells his patients…’You need to think of yourself as an athlete.  You just haven’t decided what sport you want to play.’  A great book to inspire…it is never too late to transform.

7. Don’t let your love of cheese stop you from having a plant-based meal.  AWESOME recipes to create healthy, plant-based cheeses.

8.  A food dehydrator…A great way to help make your favorite, healthy snacks.  You will also need this to help make dairy-free cheeses.

9.  Expand your knowledge base or simply entertain yourself while you drive, exercise, or wait in line.