Health and Nutritional Coaching

Weight Loss Cleanse Nutrition Wellness Brattleboro Vermont

Health and nutritional coaching is just as important as any other modality in our toolbox to help you along your path to wellness.  It is fundamental in keeping inflammation, blood sugar, weight, mood, blood pressure, and pain under control.  Toward this end, we provided one-on-one and group support through a number of individually scheduled counseling sessions and group classes aimed at arming you with the latest research and commonsense approach possible.

What happens during counseling?
Changing your eating habits is a process, so is nutrition counseling.  We aim to be responsive to your unique health needs and your personal pace.  We offer realistic advice that fits into your way of living; making small changes over time that allow for the greatest degree of success in forming long-term habits.  We consider all aspects of your life – food habits, health status, exercise, sleep hygiene, beliefs, self-care, relationships – to develop your unique lifestyle plan.  We aim to examine the challenges and barriers that you face in your journey toward health.

Some of the questions that we ask include the following:
What are your health goals?
What are your symptoms & health concerns?
What are you eating?
How often do you cook and dine out?
What kind of cookware do you use?
How do you store leftovers and for how long?
What triggers you to eat certain foods?
Do you take supplements?
Has your doctor prescribed medication?
What are your sleep habits?
What’s happening in your home?
Are you in an unhealthy relationship?
What healing modalities have you used?